Friday, March 17, 2006

Finished: Hat for J

Just finished the hat for J tonight. And now I have to pack for 1 week of skiing holiday (and maybe some knitting, but I just fear I might be so knocked out in the evening that I'll go right to sleep).

So here goes:
the hat blocking, with a tennis ball sitting on top of the football...

and J trying on the WIP this morning:
(do you notice how well I match his eye color when I buy yarn? I already did with his scarf, and now again...) Plus he seems to like it, because it took a while before he started to pull the thing off his head saying "nicht, nicht"...

Plus, bonus photos: stash

and here is the Rosedale WIP, just to show off the beautiful colors of Noro's Silk GArden in 232!


Stefaneener said...

Nice hat, and I like the Tubey incarnation with orange.

Me said...

thanks, Stefaneener! (I think I will do that tubey one day with orange and blue...)