Thursday, March 16, 2006

Last night's knitting

First, I swatched for:
Wrist Warmers
pattern: based on knitty's Voodoo (k2 p2, plus thumbhole), well at least that's what I originally thought, in the mean time I am thinking about using spiralling rib (kind of like the heelless sock...), or, some other kind of rib (k3, p1) or???? You can tell, I'm having fun thinking about them a whole lot
yarn: Junghans Freizeit Color 6faedig: one of those self-pattering sock-yarns, but 6 ply to make it really warm. I have one skein of 150g/400m
color: Rinde
ordered at Junghans Wolle
for myself

I decided on a k3 p2 rib, that is going to spiral every 3 rounds. Have not decided on whether both will spiral in the same or opposite directions. For the gauge swatch, I simulated knitting in the round: cut the yarn every row, slid to the other end of the needle, join yarn, knit: so as to knit every row for stockinette stitch. So far I find the yarn is slightly less nice to knit than Opal, it splits easily, and is less soft. So, maybe there is a reason for price difference, after all?

Then, I was highly disciplined and did not cast on for them. Instead, I continued on the hat for J. The DPNs I have in 4.5mm are too short for the hat, so I searched through my circs, and ended up doing magic loop. First time for me, but it works really well! This morning I wanted him to try it on, however, he did not want to. I hope that does not mean he will not wear the finished thing, though! (if that's what it means, it will go to some other deserving kid...)

I've also decided what I am going to take on the skiing holiday next week, knitting wise: said modified Voodoos, the baby cardi, and some surprises... (and just maybe, I might want to make some progress on my swatches for Basics, Basics, Basics....)

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