Friday, December 01, 2006

24 little socks filled with little gifts to ease the waiting

Originally uploaded by Strickanfall.

What can I say: 24 little socks, made from leftovers (after only a year of knitting again, isn't it amazing just how much leftover I already have?). Now it's up and filled, ready for tomorrow morning.

Und er ist doch noch fertig geworden, der Adventskalender haengt und wartet auf morgen früh.

Le calendrier de l'avent, 24 petites chaussettes, maintenant toutes remplies, attendent leur proprietaire demain matin

Yarn: sock yarn leftovers
Needles: 2.5 mm Pony Pearl DPNs
CO: 22oct06 BO 30nov06
Knitting fun: good, absolutely mindless knitting for on the road
Techniques learnt: --


Lisa in Toronto said...

What a great idea!
Looks terrific.

julia said...

sehr schön, fast genau das Gleiche gibt's bei uns auch :)

Me said...

ja klar, Julia, die Idee hab ich ja auch von Dir!

thanks Lisa! (it was Julia's idea that I copied....)

Christiane said...

Hi Lara,
vielen Dank für Deinen lieben Kommentar.
Bei Dir gibt's aber auch sehr schöne Sachen zu sehen, ich glaub, so 'nen Adventskalender mach ich für nächstes Jahr auch, dafür ist man schließlich nie zu alt:-)
Lieben Gruß
von Christiane

filambulle said...

I love it!

I came here after your nice comment on my blog. I thought that answering here would be ok?
Maybe I should try the opal yarn with a bigger needle? Did you knit with regia? I would be interested to hear about wht you think of both.

Bezzie said...

Those look great--I love them all lined up like that...!

Garngamen said...

Great idea! I have a lot of left-overs. Hmmm, and I did not run into to you in Paris ;-)

Batty said...

Das ist der beste Adventskalender, den ich je gesehen habe. Wer braucht da noch billige Milchschokolade?