Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Socks for J

kid socks
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Socks for J. I can't believe he already needs 12 stitches per needle, when it seems like yesterday that it was 7... (by the way, I just counted, this is my 28th pair of socks this year... well, not too hard, considering I knit 12 "pairs" for the Adventskalender)

Der junge Mann ist zufrieden damit, und traegt sie zur Krippe heute. Sind uebrigens das 28. Paar dieses Jahr, wenn ich die 24 Einzelsocken fuer den Adventskalender als 12 Paare zaehle.

Des chaussettes tricotees par maman: il les aime bien. et donc maman est contente. Et le pair numero 28 pour cette annee.

Socks for J
Yarn: Opal
Color: Rodeo 1153 (blue/orange/greenandwhite/purple/yellow)
Needles: 2.5mm Inox DPNs
Pattern: Pattern: 12 st per needle, 8/8/8 short row heel, 15cm foot length
CO: 30nov06 BO 13dec06
Modifications: --
Techniques learnt: I knit the heel on the second heel with left-hand knitting instead of turning the work and purling, which resulted in a bit of uneven tension, but I liked the challenge of it.
Knitting Fun: this was my on-the-go projet. I enjoyed it a lot.

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