Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Round Dishcloth

Round Dishcloth
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Knitted dishcloths -- more to come from stash cotton, for me and friends.

Haett ja nicht gedacht, dass ich gestrickte Kuechenlappen produziere und sinnvoll finde, aber ich bin jetzt ueberzeugt, und Freunde fangen auch an, danach zu fragen. Sind halt echt praktisch.

Qui aurait cru? Me voila en train de tricoter des chiffons pour la cuisine...

Round dishcloth
Yarn: Anchor Magicline and Phildar
Color: blues
Needle: 4 mm DPNs
Pattern: Round Dishcloth by Amy Carpenter from Dishcloth Boutique
Cast-on to Finish: one evening, can't remember when (June?)
Modifications: --
Knitting fun: too much thinking
Techniques learned: --


Guro said...

Wow Lara, I'm so impressed at the speed you are crakning out your FOs these days. I was going to comment on that lovely red Eve sweater, and you've finished so many things since then. Hope all this finishing is doing good things for you. You said you were feeling a bit under the weather.
Get well soon!

Me said...

Hey Guro,
I was very surprised to see a comment on my dishcloth -- *grin* -- thanks for the compliment on the red Eve sweater, I wear it often, and I am really happy how it turned out.

Yes, all the knitting does seem to quiet my mind. And I do get a head start on my christmas presents, which is good, too.

Thank you for your well wishes.