Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tissue-fitting: pictures of a process

try1I try to accomplish near-perfect fit in a traditional shirt pattern before actually cutting my fabric. After having made a sleeveless blouse without the waist-shaping darts from the Sew U Shirt, I now use tissue-fitting (cut out the pattern, pin and look for areas needing adjustments) to get nearer to perfect.

As is, I'm at my third try, and I think I now found my starting point (sic!). So, in order to achieve the perfect fit I'm striving for, still a lot more photos and trying on tissue, and alterations, and trying on tissue, a
nd maybe some more alterations. Before I will then get to actually cutting out fabric, and of course, do some pin-fitting as I go, instead of just stitching it up.
Sewing was easier, when I still thought that patterns were meant to be cut and stitched as printed.



projektleiterin said...

My diagnosis: perfectionist. :) But my friend also make fun of me for ripping back so much and on insisting to make several swatches. :D

Julia said...

Oh Gott, was für'ne Fieselarbeit. Ich glaube, ich bleibe noch eine Weile beim Nähen von Sachen, die nur so ungefähr passen müssen. :)