Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trying a different pants pattern

A lot of alterations for fit -- and the result is a pair of pants in boucle. Not your first fabric choice for pants you say? Oh, really? Have to admit I don't remember what made me choose this fabric for pants. And I'm not entirely sure these will ever leave the house. Details of the zillion of alterations I made are on patternreview.
Now, on the upside, I'm happy with the fit, and I find that tissue-fitting and lots of looking up things in Pants for Real People helps.


Batty said...

Those are amazing! They look just like my favorite ever work pants, and fit almost the same way too. You're really getting the hang of this sewing thing.

Tini said...

I likes it ;) despite the fabric :) The fit is really nice

Berry said...

Hé hé ! Je suis assez surprise pour être franche, je m'attendais à pire mais le tissu se tient bien. Si on omet le tissu, la coupe et le tombé sont nickels, ça valait le coup de faire quelques ajustements. Maintenant tu peux te lancer sans trembler dans un joli lainage ou une flanelle. A bientôt, Berry