Thursday, March 09, 2006

Baby Cardigan

I started this yesterday, and almost finished the first sleeve in one go. It's really easy to knit, I have almost gauge (and did not want to hunt for my 2.5mm needles, therefore continued with 3mm and did a bit of calculation to adapt the pattern). And then I did an endless swatch trying out stockinette (for gauge), different kinds of cast-offs (the suspended one, which pulled stitches together a lot, I did not like it), and different kinds of patterns (basically ones I plan to use for a baby blanket at some point:

turned out very nice:

turned out quite nice as well:
garter stitch eyelet as explained here

But, after all, I decided that this yarn was really too thin for a baby blanket, and that the patterns would really work a lot better in non-patterning yarn as well (hm, not so sure about that one, but very sure about using bigger needles and thicker yarn)

pattern: I am using this pattern from Opal.
size: 12 months (I find that you usually have enough clothes for the first couple of months, but start to need things from 9 months onwards, this will be a bit on the big side then, but will hopefully fit for a couple of months).

and this yarn:
200g/840m (2 skeins)
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Sock Yarn
80% wool, 20% Polyamid
machine washable
2,5-3 mm
I get 26 stitches for 10 cm in stockinette stitch with 3 mm (I think 2.5mm would be nice, a bit firmer, but can't get myself to finish my UFO mittens that sit on the DPNs, and can't seem to be motivated enough to hunt for my circulars)
color 6060

self-striping, with stripes and jacquard parts
bought at die stricknadel

New Things I tried out/used on this:
I did a knotted cast-on, based on the twisted loop cast-on. This gives a very sturdy, quite pretty edge (hope to get pictures up soon).
It also leaves me with the question, how on earth I am going to do a cast-off on the other sleeve (cardi is knit sideways) that matches this?

Well, looks like I am going to frog the cast on, and do a cast-off to match the finishing side's cast-off (thanks to the folks at knitty's coffeeshop for discussing this with me). Luckily, the cast-on is in a solid pink part of the yarn

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