Thursday, March 09, 2006

Looong List of Things I would like to knit one day

baby blanket

 1) knitty's hoover am really intrigued by the double knitting should be machine washable,
could make this in Teddy, in turquoise and yellow?
Teddy by Bergere de France on Tricotin, 100% Poly, 4,5-5 mm, machine wash, only one blue
2) fish blanket: two colors of prisme, one more greenish, one more bluish, I think this will turn out well! (and maybe use a contrasting one, in orangish/pinkish for crocheting together and around?)
Prisme (multicolor variegated) by Bergere de France on Tricotin (they have a sale!), 6-7 mm needle
3) diagonal garter stitch blanket
Magic by Bergere de France on Tricotin, 5-5,5 mm needle, choice of colors in Anis (very light green!)


Pattern: not sure at all, procrastinating, thinking, would looove to have something practical for the spring/ and even summer, girly,...

a) I do from knitty yarn: in red? or blue? or navy? or black? just loooooove this pattern!, but is it practical? Or should I make it for dressy occasions?


Flower petal wash cloth

from Weekend Knitting for myself or as a gift...

yarn: Cotton Chenille several colors, bright and cheerful

alternatives for the yarn:
a) Rowan fine cotton chenille from wolle und design

b) Samoa von GGH, aber kein Niki...

 c) GGH Cadiz, aber mit Glanz, nicht ganz klar, wie sich das wohl anfuehlt...

d) GGH Capri

e) hier haben sie BW chenille, aber sie geben nciht an, ob WM geeignet oder nicht, und die Farben nicht obersuper

 f) hier haben sie BW Chenille, Bestellen per Telefon, sie haben auch x Wolle, aber keine filzbare, ist alle maschinenwaschbar

Frog sweater for 2 year old

 pattern: Cascade

Yarns yarn???? wool or cotton or blend????

should be machine washable

Sunrise circle jacket

 interweave knits

yarn: ???? in wool, or a blend??? should be machine washable

not sure I like the knitting from 8 pages approach, prefer to knit from a chart

 Hanne Falkenberg

really love these kits, but then again, there aren't really any summer designs, and they seem to take forever to knit, not sure which to choose either hesitating:

Tivoli 6, 4 or 3

Mermaid 3, 4, 6 or 7

noch mehr Sommerpullis, vielleicht was ganz einfaches von Phildar, muss aber gucken, dasse s zu meinen SAchen passt....

mehr Pullis fuer Jonas....

Tubey from knitty

color? (maybe take the color value chart from the knitting book and see what I can come up with...),

yarn? I just love the construction of this sweater, even if I think it will be real real hard to get it well fitting without bulges in the wrong places

Hat for J

 pattern: from Weekend knits, these are adorable!

yarn: ????

 maybe for next winter...

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