Thursday, March 30, 2006

cast on for another project

Well, after thinking about (and printing) about a zillion sock patterns yesterday, I couldn't keep myself from casting on for some yesterday. So I started Jaywalkers for myself in Opal Traumfaenger Farbe 1234. The yarn is lovely and soft, at least it's really a touch softer than the Lana Grossa Meilenweit I am using for the baby cardigan and matching hat and socks... (the hat moved to circs for magic loop to free up my DPNs for my socks).

(I am such a dummy: I did not realize that the Jaywalker pattern consisted of two rows. Now that I realize, because it's way too tight, I have to rip out the 1 inch that I got done.)

So, after I realized my mistake, I got a couple of rounds in on the baby hat to match the baby cardigan.

And I realize what with more friends' birthdays and visits and stuff coming up, that I will never be able to give them all knitted presents. Well, anyhow. At least I try for some of them.


Debbie said...

I sympathize. Had to frog the entire heel of my Jaywalker because I didn't read the directions to k1 sl1 on the first row.

btw, thanks so much for your comments the other day on math & creativity usw. And knitting in Germany? Supposedly it's making a comeback, but I don't see it in everyday life.

Tracy said...

Aha, you succumbed to Dreamcatchers too I see. I love how you'd never guess what happens next with respect to the colours. Don't worry too much about the Jaywalker problem...they grow quickly. I'll be watching how yours turn out in this!

Me said...

I will put the Jaywalkers aside for the next two weeks, as I just realized that ds will turn 2 in 2 weeks, and that I would love to give him his Devan sweater. I just hope the solid color (I finally decided on yellow, will be very bright the whole thing!) will come in time!