Monday, April 03, 2006

Baby Cardi is blocked and still not finished...

No picture, sorry.

The baby cardigan is blocked, so is the hat. The hat is actually finished, the cardigan still needs a new cast-off on the first sleeve to replace the cast-on, that I've frogged.

Plus: I actually made a swatch for Devan, and am relieved to find that what I already started (cast-on was Friday night) works out fine. I am making the 3-4 year old size for ds who will be 2 in 2 weeks (as a birthday present, I just hope that I will be able to finish it in time!). I am using 2.25mm as the small needle size and 2.5mm as the main knitting needle, that's .5 mm smaller than recommended, but it gives me perfect gauge. I am knitting the two front panels on one circ at the same time, as I want matching panels. It is a pain, though! First of all, the two skeins I have run in opposite directions. So I can knit from the center for one, and have to knit from the outside for the other. Argh! Plus, I run into knots, where the thread continues at a totally different point in the color scheme. Plus, the color repeats are not really exactly the same length all the time, either...

So, I am actually frantically trying to cram in extra hours of knitting, knitting and knitting, in order to finish J's birthday present! (and the picture-taking for the blog and posting will be on hold while I knit, knit, knit...)

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