Sunday, March 12, 2006

Finished tonight: Socks for Two Year old

Just finished: Socks for J, in time for skiing holiday next week. Now I am thinking about also making him a hat from the yarn that rests. However, am not sure, whether I have enough yarn, and there is no way that I am going back to La Droguerie to get more! Thinking about using spiral coloring for the stripes! (I used Russian join on one of the two socks, and plain old weaving in the ends on the other one). I used Cashmere for a strengthening thread with the heel and toe. I am not really satisfied with the look, think they are really messy, especially the rib. But I'm so glad I am done with them and that J will be able to wear them next week.

Since lots of yarn is left, I also cast on for a matching hat (yes, I know that does not make sense if the socks are in snow boots, but still, he needs one, as I lost the only one he has that ties under the chin). I am making a hat with ear flaps (in garter stitch), and the rest of the hat in stockinette stitch, and I will use the spiral stripes as described by Montse Stanley, i.e. use four colors for four needles, so there won't be any steps, just single round stripes. I hope this works out to be easy and fun (it is definitely better than all the weaving in of ends as I did for the socks!) So far, I finished the two ear flaps.


Annie said...

I think they look adorable!

Areli said...

The socks are so cute. They will give your two year old happy, warm feet!