Sunday, March 12, 2006

Waiting to start

Mrs. Beeton's
pattern: from knitty
yarn: original yarn from Rowan (waiting for the package)
bought at kangaroo
for myself

Baby Cardigan and hat and slippers
pattern: from Opal (that's what I thought first), now I changed my mind to use knitty's pattern for a Devan cardigan, and to use Elann's pattern for the hat (reversible!),
and in that case I'm not really ready to start yet, as I would need to buy a complementary solid color for back and edges (really looks a lot more finished with solid color than done completely in self-patterning)
next question: which solid color? red, blue, yellow or white or black?
Ok, so I just decided that this was going to J, and that I want to do the back and edges in some kind of light jeans blue
So, I still need to order this:
1 x (eur 5.50 at Handarbeiten und Kosmetik) uni Opal, blau
yarn: Opal,
in colorway Acapulco 1305
bought at Handarbeit und Kosmetik
for J

1 pair of socks for myself
pattern: hesitating: broad ripple, Lacy Scallop, ..
yarn from Opal: Traumfaenger 1157
bought at Handarbeit und Kosmetik

Socks for J
pattern: my standard, heel flap pattern
yarn from Opal: 100g, that will probably make him 2 pairs, or itwill be one
pair to give to someone...
bought at Handarbeit und Kosmetik
for J

Baby vest (2, one size 4 years, one size 1 year)
Joseph from knitty
yarn: Tibet by GGH
actually, I am still wondering, whether this is a good idea, as the yarn is not machine washable
bought at: Rikes Wollmaus

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