Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thinking about Sock patterns

Seems like the sock bug has bitten me. That's easy, if the only ones I made this year are for J's little cute feet! Well, anyhow: to make things more interesting, I think I should try out new things, so thinking about:

the Jaywalker
Lacy Scallops
Knitty's Pomatomus
just found these on Magknit (Happy Socks): hm.

plus, I have some nice patterns in this little booklet:
-massage socks (but would need solid color to complement self-patterning)
-two structure patterns
-one lacy pattern

And the yarn I have on stash is in these colorways:
Opal Rodeo 1153
Opal Rodeo 1157
these are actually stripes, so they will work well with Jaywalker and Scallops

(most of this will go into socks for me, but these are reserved for socks for J:)
-the leftover of my Voodoo wristwarmers, which is 6ply, in a self-patterning/stripes blend by Junghans
-one skein of Opal, I think some wild self-patterning.

I guess I'll make the fancy socks for myself and make him some simple st st socks. Will be more appreciated by him, I think.

Well, I guess this much to say just that I am dying to cast on for a new project, and that it will most likely be the Jaywalkers.

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Garngamen said...

Hello "Me" Thanks for the visit at my blog. I found the nerd test below - and I did score on the high-level nerd (85% mark)...Well, that was fun. Glad you enojoy my blog. But to be fair, I have not knitted all what I have pictures the blog, So I shouldn't take all credit ;-) But come again! You also had some interesting stuff on your blog!