Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Baby Cardi almost finished

Last night and this morning, I almost finished the baby cardi. I added a picot bind-off to the collar, which looks really nice (pictures later!), and which was not in the pattern. But Montse Stanley's book, that I bought recently, really motivates me to try out new things.

Well, now left to do on it:
weave in ends.
And: frog/cut the beginning of the first sleeve, as the cast-on on it and the bind-off of the second sleeve do not match at all. As I like the bind-off better, I will frog the cast-on, and re-knit in the other direction and do a similar bind-off.
And then it's off to blocking.

By the way, why does nobody use styrofoam boards for blocking? I guess, I will find out soon enough, as this is what I think I will use for blocking. (no guest beds in our tiny appartment, and I don't want to wait till we are at our country house again).

Now I will cast-on for a matching hat and socks. Knitting in public in the metro tonight!


sgeddes said...

Can't wait to see your baby cardi. I use my matress to do some blocking, you might try that.

I love your bitty bears.

Me said...

Hey, thanks for that comment... I will be sure to post as soon as the baby cardi is finished. Honestly, I can't wait to take it to the LYS to buy buttons, I am so proud!