Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Devan progressing well! (no pic)

Devan is well on its way to being actually finished for J's birthday on Monday. I still need one or two rows on the back. Then I still need to add 4 rows knitted down on the two front panels and on the two sleeves (well, it's rounds for the sleeves, actually, since I decided to do them in the round). I will buy a plant-spray-water-thingy later today, so I can pin it tonight (hopefully finished the knitting the pieces by then) and block it until tomorrow night, when I will then sew and knit the blends.

I actually did a chemo cap out of beautifully turquoise-colored Teddy from Bergere de France (just under one ball), cast on and finished on Thursday evening -- I used one of head huggers' patterns. Sent it on its way to Turkey on Friday afternoon -- should have arrived by now, but did not get word from the recipient. Hope I did not offend her by sending it. I also sent one of the itty bitty bears along, in her second favorite color, pink.

And I cast on for Mystery Project I, I think about Friday night. I knit on it whenever I want to get away from Devan...

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