Friday, May 26, 2006

Baby Blanket done

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The baby blanket is finished. Not much else to say, except that now I have to decide which baby to give it to. And also need to print out the SIDS prevention warnings in French to gift together with the blanket (nobody knows them in this country, which I find outrageous, knowing that since the widespread publicizing of them, lots of babies' lives have been saved).

Diagonal Garter Stitch Baby Blanket

Pattern: standard dish-cloth Baby Blanket, as can be found on Lion Brand's website
yarn: 9.5 balls of Teddy by Bergere de France, bought at Bergere de France online
Color: turquoise (Jasmin)
size needles: several, mostly 5.5mm Addi Circs
care: machine wash
knitting time: I don't remember (6 weeks, maybe?)
knitting fun: okish. I really like the color. And I liked to watch it grow. But I hate fun yarns, I don't understand how I keep buying them.
Modifications: none, at least not intentional.
new techniques learnt: none.

Die Babydecke ist fertig. Endlich. Uff. Jetzt muss ich nur noch die Empfehlungen zur Vermeidung von plötzlichem Kindstod ausdrucken, damit ich sie mit der Decke verschenken kann. Ich bin auch nach über zwei Jahren meines Mutterdaseins in Frankreich nicht drüber weg, dass kein Mensch die hier kennt. Und dass, obwohl in D und USA seit der massiven Verbreitung dieser Tipps viel mehr Babies überleben.

Enfin que la couverture pour bebe X est terminee. Je vais juste imprimer les precautions a prendre pour eviter la mort subite du nourrisson comme on peut les trouver ici, pour les donner avec la couverture.


inukshuk71 said...

Tu es vraiment très productive en tricot! ùelle est superbe ta petite couverture. Le bébé et les parents apprécieront certainement ce beau geste.

Rain said...

The blanket is lovely and looks very soft.

Debbie said...

Very cute blanket, I love the color too.

Re: SIDS -- very thoughtful of you to spread the word. (But when my 14-yo daughter was a baby, the recommendations were to lay them on their tummies to prevent SIDS. Which, only a couple of years later, turned out to be one of the biggest no-no's. Ack!)

Me said...

thanks for the comments.

(re SIDS: I know reco's have changed over the years. What concerns me here in F is that they don't give out any. And statistics have shown that since giving out the sleeping on the back one in D and UK and US, mortality rate has gone down in those countries, while it stays up in F.... go figure)

Areli said...

Very cute blanket! Will keep a baby so warm and cozy :-)