Tuesday, January 15, 2008


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Actually, this started out as a hat for me. I thought I could just modify gauge and still get a wearable hat for me. Well, anyway: my 3-year-old son said he wanted it, while I was knitting it, and he was really happy to discover that the hat turned out way too small for mommy and is now his.

Die Muetze sollte eigentlich fuer mich sein, was ich auch wiederholte Male meinem dreijaehrigen Sohn erklaert habe, beim STricken -- er wollte sie gerne haben. Nun, er hat sich dann sehr gefreut, dass sie ihm passt, und deshalb jetzt ihm gehoert statt mir.

Ca aurait du etre pour moi, mon fils de trois ans le voulait -- et il s'est avere que ce chapeau faisait plutot sa taille que la mienne... (mauvaise adaptation a un echantillon different...). Voila, il est content.

Hexed Hat
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden

Needles: 5mm DPNs
cast on to finish: 6jan08-8jan08
pattern: found on knitty, but really appreciated because of this version
mods: yarn sub and color, gauge (which did not work out... as mentioned), lined with Angora (Adriafil Carezza)
fun: quick and fun, and my son loves it and shows it off to anyone who cares to listen and tells them that mommy has knit it for him.

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