Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sewing in the New Land

My first project in our new home, aside from the interminable repairing of J's pants, was such a complete wadder that I chucked it in the wastebasket without even taking a photo. It was a dress from a La Mia Boutique pattern. You can see a succesful version on Fehrtrade's blog here.
Suffice it to say that the dress is cut all wrong for my body, not flattering to my A-shape. So sorry, no photos, just a bit of frustration. Now on to more repair work on J's pants.

-- And I desperately need more summer dresses, and another pair of nice summer pants: as I wrecked one of my first succesful ones, that I wore a lot. Can't get rid of a stain, so they went.

Let's see, if I'm reasonable (find a pair of pants and a dress in a thrift or consignment shop -- and go on to sew a top from my stash) or follow my wish (order fabric and make some pants, and order some more fabric for a dress, in both cases using tnt patterns).

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Batty said...

I've had similar experiences with garments that looked great on other people, but not so great on my body. Pencil skirts are the main offender. I'm sorry the dress didn't work out.