Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten Things on Tuedays

yes, I sometimes sew, I sometimes knit -- and I am posting today

This week: 10 things you buy every week! May or may not be groceries.

1. Fruit: organic and local is my favorite, often it's either or, and sometimes neither

2. Veggies: as above

3. Bread: lots of different kinds, we both love the variety, mostly whole grain

4. Eggs: don't really need them every week, they don't sell them in less than 12 here, even though there must be other two-person families out there, I'm sure!

5. Pasta: don't really buy it every week either, I prefer whole grain, and pasta that only has wheat (grano duro, if I can find it) and not three zillion additives. I find it really hard to shop for food in North America, really miss the strict food laws of the European Union.

6. Poultry or Fish: not every week. I usually prepare one meat dish a week, sometimes none. I try to find organic and ethically slaughtered meat: hard to find, have to go to a different store to find that. Again, I miss that high quality food is available at lots of stores, and not only at the special high-end organic shops. Well, trying to overcome my missing France.

7. Takeout meal: Pizza or Sushi. Again, not every week, I just like to keep it as an option for those days when everything just didn't go right ;)

8. not every week: gas --- what with my knee troubles right now, unfortunately, I drive more than I usually do, and actually ended up buying gas almost weekly. Yikes.

9. not every week: transit passes -- again, no real biking, so more transit passes needed right now

10. Babysitter services: yes, I need them every week, as I go to choir every week. Yeah! My one fun me-only activity (that is, if I don't count work, which is fun most of the time, too, lucky me).

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