Sunday, March 26, 2006

1 week of skiing eh knitting

One week of skiing and knitting (once J was asleep in bed, not much else to do, since I only wrote very few postcards).

Got done with my Voodoo Wristwarmers (modified, based on knitty's pattern). I did a spiraling k3 p2 rib. You can kind of sense the spiral when you look at the red bit of yarn I used as a stitch marker for the beginning of each round.

Got in a lot of progress on the baby cardigan!

Decided to frog the body of Rosedale, which I had not taken with me. I d rather have a cardigan that really fits than something that is too wide. So, I guess frogging it is worth it, even if I've already made it through the corrugated ribbing and some 8 cm up the stockingette stitch...

And: did some 10 or so itty bitty bears from Interweave Knits Summer 05 (only have a picture of 9 of them, because the first one went to his recipient before photo time!)


Areli said...

All those little bears are so cute!

Stefaneener said...

Those wristwarmers look cozy. They're really amazingly warm.

Almost as warm as those little bears make little ones feel, I bet.

Me said...

Thanks for your messages! Yeah, the wristwarmers were great for playing out in the snow, I wore them instead of mittens. Back here in Paris, the weather has turned to spring, so I'll put them in the drawer together with hats and scarves and such. And the little bears are wonderful giveaways for big people! My ds actually tries to eat them, well, not really, but he definitely does strange things to them with his mouth, therefore, so far, he did not get one.