Friday, May 05, 2006

Opal Baby Cardigan and Hedera finished

opal baby cardigan
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The baby cardigan is done. As someone mentioned on the knittyboard, the pattern leaves a lot to imagination. I added a picot bind-off to the collar. The collar, unfortunately, did not turn out too symmetrical, which is due to the uneven number of stitches I picked up (I think). I cannot be bothered to redo it.

Also a photo of 2 Hedera socks, and them finished and packed with sock band, ready to be shipped to my mom for mother's day. I'm really glad I took the time to block them, as the pattern comes out a lot nicer now.

Baby Cardigan
pattern: Opal Baby Set
yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Sock Yarn (80% superwash wool, 20% polyamid)
color: orange/pink/green/white (color 6060)
bought at: mail order from Die Stricknadel
size needles: 3 mm Addi circs
care: machine wash
knitting time: March 9th to May 4th
knitting fun: nice color. Pattern left a bit to imagination, which was bad because I had not taken notes. I did not like that my cast on and bind off edges are really different in length, so that I had to block to somehow make it work....
Modifications: I added a picot bind-off to the collar.
new techniques learnt: I learnt the picot-bind off. I also experimented with different ways to cast on and bind off: nothing really noteworthy in results, though.

pattern: Knitty
yarn: Regia Silk, bought at Junghans Wolle
Color: jeans blue
size needles: 2.25 mm metal DPNs
care: machine wash
knitting time: April 24th to May 4th
knitting fun: easy to knit lace, nice yarn.
Modifications: I did a horseshoe heel and no slip stitch. Other modifications were unintentional......
new techniques learnt: 3 needle bind off from the inside of the sock (don't like the look of this, though, will stick with Kitchener).

Das Babyjäckchen ist endlich fertig. Leider ist der Kragen etwas asymetrisch geworden, was wahrscheinlich daran liegt, dass ich nciht genau gleich viele Stiche aufgenommen habe rechts und links. Ich habe einen Picot-Abkettrand angefügt, den ich echt nett finde. Und ein Beweisbild, dass ich Hedera nicht nur einmal sondern zweimal fertig gemacht hab. Ich hoff, dass es bis Muttertag in Italien ist, wenn ich's morgen zur Post bring. Ich bin auch echt froh, dass ich die Kleiderbügel-block-teile geknickt habe, und dass ich mir die Zeit zum Spannen genommen habe, denn das Muster kommt besser raus. Und sie sind viel weicher geworden.

opal baby cardigan
Originally uploaded by Strickanfall.

Voila enfin le gilet bebe du Opal Baby set qui est termine, et pas trop tot, parce que bebe va naitre au plus tard mardi. J'ai rajoute le picot au col (rabat au picot), et j'en suis tres contente. Je suis beaucoup moins contente du fait que le-dit col n'est pas symmetrique. Pour Hedera, voila la preuve que j'en ai fait deux, et aussi la preuve que je sais maintenant faire des petits banderoles pour mettre autour.


Jo said...

I had to giggle at your "I can't be bothered to re-do it" comment... I feel like that as well when I have completely finished something and it isn't quite right. It's a *design feature* now.


sock's & more said...

Das Babyjäckchen ist sowas von süss!
Und die Socken erst...
Da wird sich Deine Mama bestimmt sehr darüber freuen.
Die Banderole ist auch super!

Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz -

cpurl17 said...

Tell those socks not to jump! They're too pretty!

Dominique said...

Tout ce que tu fais est magnifique !

Rain said...

The socks are lovely and I'm sure your Mom will love them.

The baby cardi is so cute. I love seeing things made in interesting yarn as baby pastels get a bit insipid.

Batty said...

Das Babyjaeckchen ist wirklich suess. Mir gefaellt alles daran, sogar der asymmetrische Kragen. Sieht aus wie Designer-Kleidung fuer Babies!

Die Socken sind auch wunderschoen. Ich wollte Hedera erst gar nicht machen, aber dank deinem Endresultat werde ich mich wohl doch daran versuchen.

Jerry & Maxy said...

Your triligual blog is so cool.

The cardi is adorable! And the socks look great!

Me said...

thank you all for your kind comments!
DAnke, die Kommentare freuen mich!

Stariel said...

Hi, and thanks for your blog comment. When I did the garter short row heels I didn't pick up the wraps, just left them as double wraps when I knitted, as you can't really see them in the heel.

I did knit the last wrap together with the first stitch of the front, though.