Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Planning and re-planning and a swap offer

This is as much a post for myself (which isn't?) as for whoever reads me...: trying to organize my thoughts on projects to come and my stash.

Tempting II or not Tempting
Technically, this project has been on the needles... Well, in reality, I had only done the cast-on for a swatch. That is now going to the wash (knit in the round), on different needle sizes. The yarn is beautiful. It's great to knit. It's 95% cotton and 5% Elasthan. So what's wrong with it? Well, it really does not knit up to the same gauge as Rowan Calmer, and therefore makes for a very poor substitute for TemptingII which was the original plan. Hm. So what to do? I love the feel of the knitted fabric. I made a swatch using needle sizes 3.0mm through 5 mm (pre-wash I like 3.5mm and 4.0 mm best). I will measure after the machine wash. And try to find a project suited to this great yarn. Or could end up making either Sonnett or T3 from knitty, wonderful patterns that fit any yarn... after some calculation. Some nice short-sleeved summer sweater for myself (maybe Picovoli). With some structure on it (because it shows just great in this yarn!). Well, anyhow, I don't like the feel of ribbing in this yarn, whereas I looove the feel of stockinette. And I would like to have something that I could wear to work, and TemptingII ist just that: not really suitable for work. Ending up with???? Maybe Picovoli? having the advantage of being knit top down, so if need be, I could always do the lower half/hem in a different color if ever I run out of yarn...

"Elastico" by Lana Grossa is a DK weight, classic plied yarn. Made of 96% cotton and 4% polyester, it can be machine washed in cool temperatures and dried flat. Suitable for making hats, scarves, sweaters, vests, shawls and blankets.

Made In Italy
Yardage 176 yds./ 50g
Yarn Weight DK
Fiber Content Cotton , Polyester
Texture Plied
Gauge (st. /4 in.) 24
Needle Size(s) 4 US (3.5mm) , 5 US (3.75mm) , 6 US (4.25mm)
Availability Currently Produced
MSRP $7.95
Care Machine Wash and Dry Flat.

Continuing with the projects that are all planned-out:

1. Mrs Beeton's from knitty in the original yarn and coloring (red): waiting for the next winter to arrive. For the moment it seems like summer's here to stay. Yeah!

2. a self-design cardigan in Mikado (ggh)/Maru in a knit from the bottom raglan, with knit-in pockets, a stand-up collar, a zipper, bottoms of arms done in finer gauge and yarn, same as the zipper blend (and collar and ribbing????), bottom of sleeves will have buttonholes (read thumb holes) that part being based on a basic wristwarmer pattern such as knitty's Voodoo, based on a mix of existing patterns: Rosedale, a cardigan in Rebecca...

3. Socks.... see stash below

4. another Devan in Lana Grossa Meilenweit , this one more suitable to a girl... (not so sure about that one any more, as I like it better to discover new patterns than to re-knit something I've already done. I might go with a top-down cardigan generic pattern from Burda and do the sleeves in a complimenting solid color. Still not sure who this might be for.)

5. another mystery project

Bad planning, bad yarn substitution skills... result into a growing stash, even if I've only started to build a stash in January this year.

So far, with the exception of sock yarn (does not count, right?), I have:

1. and 2. some balls (5?) of ggh Tibet in red/orange and some (7?) in blue/grey. Enough for two toddlers' cardigans. Except that it's hand wash. And novelty (awful to knit with, I've done the beginning of a swatch). So far I have no ideas of what to do with this. Hm. Maybe: felted purses. Maybe: a shrug for myself (wait till next fall?). Maybe a scarf or two???? Nothing really convincing so far. Maybe I will just try to trade these.... This is up for swap.
(Info off of yarndex) "Tibet" by GGH is a super bulky with multi-colored loops, blended of 91% wool and 9% nylon. Available in bold colors, "Tibet would present a dramatic look in jackets, coats, ponchos and important accessories such as scarves.

Yardage 47 yds./50g
Yarn Weight Super Bulky
Fiber Content Wool , Nylon
Texture Boucle
Gauge (st. /4 in.) 10
Needle Size(s) 15 US (10mm) , 17 US (12.5mm)
Availability Currently Produced
MSRP $11.90
Care Hand Wash & Dry Flat.

3. Some 10 balls (50g) in all sorts of colors of Bergere de France's Coton Fifty. It's nice. But definitely not usable as a chemo cap yarn. Too much twist. Some orange, some mauve, some turquoise, some yellow, some... Ideas???? Well, I thought one of the dinosaurs in orange... Maybe a garter stitch elephant (mauve???) Argh. And maybe Anatolia???? Have to see how yardage fits.
Coton Fifty 2,79 €
50 g / 140 m. environ

4. 3 balls of Rowan Calmer, one turquoise, two orange. Do I leave these in my stash in case somebody I know needs chemo??? Or do I actually try to make something out of them (such as in toys....)-- or knitted flower wash cloths. Three??? or more??? Would be great yarn, and great colors!!!

5. the red acrylic given to me by my downstairs neighbor, going to be a toddler sweater (or maybe at two and a half he is almost a little kid, right???? for next winter anyhow). These are the patterns I am thinking about: from the Drops homepage this and this. I will need to swatch, find the right needle size for the yarn and decide on which one to make. They are both beautiful.-- I realized, though, that I like cardigans better for him. Somehow, I find them more versatile, or quicker to put on and off... So maybe the hunt for a pattern will continue...

6. Sock Yarn I have lots of these. And yes, I do believe that these don't count. But yes, I would like to match the patterns I like to the wool I have:
100g Regia Silk -- wooly white -- Socks for myself, probably in self-design argyle structure pattern based on Burda Stitchionary (or rather some lacey lace....)
100g Regia Silk -- grey -- for my dad, I am still debating whether just plain stockinette (as he asked for) or with some structure (do men notice?)

100g Regia self-striping -- blue/teal/white small repeat Jubilee color-- massage socks for myself??? would need to buy additional contrast color!!!!
100g Regia self-striping -- blue/white small repeat Jubilee color-- ????? it really is nicest when done in simple stockinette stitch... maybe Jaywalkers
100g Regia kind of self-blotching -- grey/green -- April socks
100g Regia kind of self-blotching -- -- Pomatomus?

100g Opal Acapulco -- very garishly colorful -- socks for kiddo, like several pairs...

100g Opal Dreamcatcher in jeans bluish
-- socks for myself go with the flow from summer 05 Interweave knits or the maple leaf socks????

just buying at wollywood:
(will be made into patriotic simple socks for myself and kiddo and some friends' kids for the upcoming football WM) 200g Regia4faedig, 5397, nation-color, schwarz-rot-gold
(for the massage socks massage part)50g Regia 4faedig, 1255, türkis
(breastcancer awareness socks for myself) 100 g Jawoll Uni U0109

Nee, sorry, das uebersetz ich nicht. Nur so viel: ich bin halt am Ueberlegen ueber das, was ich so vorhabe in der Zukunft. Was machen mit dem Garn, das ich urspruenglich fuer was bestimmtes gekauft hab, und jetzt nicht mehr mag.... Wenn jemand an ggh Tibet interessiert ist, dann hinterlasst einen Kommentar!

On dirait que j'atteinds deja les limites du bloggage trilingue: je trouve que c'est trop longue a traduire! Desolee. De toute facon, je m'etale sur mes differents projets a venir en fonction des fils que j'ai en stock. QQn serait-elle interessee par le ggh Tibet? J'accepte des offres de swap.


julia said...

Hihi, das kommt davon, wenn man so viel zu erzählen hat, dann ist das schwer mit trilingual... :)
Für die Elastico, wär das eventuell was für Matilda Jane?

Me said...

die Elastico als Matilda Jane? Hm. Ich glaub es langt nicht dafuer mit den laengeren Aermeln -- wuerde es mir gefallen in kuerzer??. Ausserdem bin ich mir nicht sicher, dass der Ausschnitt von Matilda Jane was fuer Leute (aeh fuer mich also) mit ohne jeglicher Oberweite ist... Im Moment geht's ja noch, aber irgendwann in den naechsten zwei Jahren hoer ich bestimmt auf zu stillen, und dann bleibt von meinem jetzigen B nur noch A ueber, was ich halt vorher hatte...

Susann said...

Strick doch die grauen Regia silk Socken mit einem Zopf. Mach ich grad und sieht gut aus. Ein Bild findest Du auf meinem blog oder bei


Me said...

Hallo Susann,
danke fuer den Vorschlag: Deine Zopfsocken sehen in der Tat sehr elegant aus!