Friday, August 17, 2007

mini clap

mini clap
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A fun scarf for a friend.

Ein Aufmunterungsschal fuer eine Freundin.

Pour une copine pour lui remonter le moral.

Drop Stitch Scarf
Yarn: mercerized cotton bought at Les Laines
Color: "perroquet" (multiple)
Needle: 4 mm circs
Pattern: Drop Scarf by Melissa "Missa" Hills from kpixie / Midnight Knitter
based on Clapotis by Kate Gilbert on knitty
Cast-on to Finish: 15aug07-15aug07
Modifications: as I was using thinner yarn and needles, I added a couple repeats in the straight section (came out with 1m/40inches length). Ah, and I purled the stitches to be dropped, instead of using markers -- which is something I read over at knitty's coffeeshop, very useful.
Knitting fun: I love the yarn -- the pattern is too easy to be "interesting knitting" and too involved to be completely half-asleep knitting, but it is still fun to make my first Clapotis, even if a small one.
Techniques learned: --


wollsocke said...

.....den nehme ich mir heute als aufmunterungsschal für heute gerade mit....sind das schöne farben....

Shauna said...

Neat colors, I love the combination. I've been searching around for yarn to make a regular Clapotis. Can't wait to start!

Me said...

danke, Annette -- auch fuer das Liebesengelsgebet auf Deinem blog, auch das kommt wie gerufen!

Thanks, Shauna, you are my one big fan, I feel immensely flattered by your nice comments. I can't wait to see what yarn you are going to choose for your Clapotis.