Thursday, August 16, 2007

Watch Cap and Neckwarmer

Watch Cap and Neckwarmer
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Made these in November last year, never got around to taking a photo, and wore them all winter. Love them. The hat has so much stretch that it fits over my hair when I put it up, which, of course, looks really silly, but is immensely useful and warm.

Die hab ich im November gemacht, sie den ganzen Winter ueber fleissig getragen, und bin nie dazu gekommen, ein Photo zu machen. Ich mag beide echt sehr gerne. Die Muetze ist so dehnbar, dass auch saemtliche Hochsteckfrisuren drunterpassen, was zwar dann unmoeglich beulig aussieht, aber sehr praktisch und warm ist.

Je les avait termines en novembre de l'annee derniere, et je les ai portes tout l'hiver. Meme avec mes cheveux attaches, le chapeu peut etre mis -- evidemment me donnant l'air un peu (beaucoup) ridicule. M'enfin, c'est tres pratique, et chuis allemande, non?

Watch Cap and Neckwarmer in Brioche Stitch
Yarn: almost 2 skeins of Malabrigo Merinos
Color: "vermillion" (reds)
Needle: 5 mm circs
Pattern Hat: A Watchcap by Elizabeth Zimmermann from Knitting Without Tears
Pattern Neckwarmer: Brioche Stitch Neckwarmer from Weekend Knitting

Cast-on to Finish: 2nov06 to 6nov06 and 18nov06 bis 19nov06
Modifications: modified cast-on number to different gauge. Also used the k1p1 ribbing on top of the hat, as described in IWK.
Knitting fun: love the yarn -- even though it pilled a bit during wear.
Techniques learned: tubular cast-on and bind-off


Ava said...

beautiful color! and it's time to start thinking about warmer knits - even if it is still 90+ degrees fahrenheit here in Washington!

Me said...

thanks Ava! it's cold and almost fall-like here in Paris: no wonder I am knitting hats and pulling out those from last year... (stormy weather!)