Monday, June 08, 2009

2009: taking up sewing again!

This year, in addition to knitting, I've taken up sewing again. After a first skirt in a fab print, that I can only wear with white T-shirts -- and a second wonderful print (luckily I decided on a dress this time), I thought I'd better look at what I have in my closet, and make sure future projects match. And I googled (instead of "bing-ed" -- doesn-t do it for me, yet?), and stumbled on SWAP, basically coordinating your sewing, so that the outcome are interchangeable pieces that go together well.
The picture shows my plan, let's see how far I'll stick with it. The good news is: there are three pieces in my wardrobe that will work with this color scheme (no other color scheme would have included more existing pieces), and I guess the other good news is that I can sew lots, no?

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Batty said...

Great idea! I can't sew, but I need to re-build my wardrobe, most of my clothes are no good for work and I have to sell them so I can buy more work stuff... that's how it goes, I guess.

But I can't wait to see your hand-sewn beauties.