Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sewing: not as quick and easy as I would have hoped for

To start on my grand plan, I started out with the print silk top. The silk has been sitting in the back of my closet for about six years now: I once got 1.5m of silk fabric from a visiting customer delegation from China -- where usually they would go for tea. I really liked it, but couldn't decide what to make with it. So now, I settled on Vogue pattern 8495 -- I liked the cut, and went for View A. Never mind that the pattern suggested broadcloth, faille or brocade, and that I had silk satin.

I was afraid to ruin the fabric, so I made a muslin (yeah, I can't believe it myself: an extra step, and I'm not too lazy to take it). Anyway, the muslin fits nicely, everything ok -- the only modification for fit I decided: a bit more ease at my hips.
my first muslin

So, all confident, I went ahead and cut the silk (and put it on a wool blanket for cutting, which really helped with the slipping!). I decided it needed a bit more stability, so I added interfacing to the outer yoke (does one normally put the interfacing to the inner or the outer or both????, anyone?).
And now, front yoke and front body don't fit together. So I will need to go back and unpick the basted front pleat to make it fit. Note to self: invest into a felt marker pen for fabrics where tailor's chalk disappears as soon as you apply it. or mark with thread or something.


Batty said...

Lovely silk print, lovely muslin mockup... I really hope you can make everything fit together. I wish I had any help/advice, but alas, I'm sewing challenged.

yvette said...

Oh thats a very pretty top, I love your silk.
Your problem is maybe that in attaching the interfacing to the yoke it made it too stable, so maybe the curve didn't curve as much, does that make sense or not ;)
You could have snipped into the yoke to make it curve a bit more and ease the bottom on.
I hope you get it fixed :)